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Lender exchange: Financing Climate Resilience in Multifamily Housing (slides)

SAHLLN Lender Exchange Series | June 2020

On this lender exchange call, representatives from SAHLLN’s Climate Resilience Finance Working Group shared highlights from the group’s new working paper on Identifying, Valuing, and Financing Climate Resilience in Multifamily Affordable Housing. The presenters briefly covered the following questions before welcoming comments and questions from all participants.

  • What are the challenges to enhancing the climate resilience of multifamily affordable housing?
  • How are opportunities to enhance the climate resilience of a specific property identified?
  • Once identified, what are existing funding sources for resilience projects?
  • What benefits do housing owners get from resilience upgrades, even without additional incentives, such that those benefits can be included in underwriting financing for those upgrades?
  • What kinds of incentives could lenders, insurers, and the government offer to housing owners that would accelerate investment in resilient multifamily affordable housing?
  • What is the role of building codes, certifications, and disclosures in driving resilience upgrades?

Several organizations in our working group are working on new initiatives that will put the ideas from this working paper into practice. We welcome your feedback and ideas on this call and through future participation in the working group. 

Representatives who presented are:

  • Michael Bodaken, President of Bodaken & Associates and President Emeritus of National Housing Trust
  • Esther Toporovsky, Senior Program Director of Green Communities at Enterprise Community Partners
  • Bettina Bergoo, Green Finance Fellow in NRDC’s Green Finance Center

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