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About the Sustainability in Affordable Housing Lender Learning Network

Our vision

Stable, affordable multifamily housing for all supported by investments in environmental sustainability.

Our mission

Leverage the collective expertise and relationships in our network to support a multifamily housing financing market where lenders value environmental sustainability as a means to support economic sustainability.

What is "sustainability"? 

We define “sustainability” as encompassing both economics and the natural environment. In terms of economics, sustainability refers to the long-term financial viability of housing for low- to moderate-income residents. In terms of the natural environment, sustainability refers to the efficient and responsible use of resources like electricity, gas, oil and water, and the incorporation of renewable energy resources.

Who we are

The Sustainability in Affordable Housing Lender Learning Network (SAHLLN) is a network of affordable multifamily housing lenders, including Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), housing finance agencies (HFAs), major financial institutions and specialized green financing entities. Our network also includes technical service providers, advocacy groups, and others working alongside lenders to increase the affordability and livability of low-income housing through holistic retrofits that increase building performance and revenue streams.

If you are interested learning more about or sharing your experience in advancing this growing field, join our mailing list and join the conversation!

What we do

SAHLLN was formed to convene affordable multifamily lenders and their allies across the country to collaborate in building and implementing multifamily efficiency financing solutions.

Some lenders in SAHLLN have already developed innovative strategies and formed effective partnerships to invest in efficiency. Other lenders and allies are looking to connect to, learn from, and work with other lenders who have done so. 

SAHLLN provides a platform for lenders and allies to discuss their experiences of barriers to increasing efficiency investments in affordable multifamily properties as well as to share the successes and lessons learned from tested strategies.   

Opportunities to engage in SAHLLN include speaking on and participating in webinars, connecting in person at industry events and through topical virtual discussions, sharing and accessing multifamily efficiency financing resources through the SAHLLN Resource Hub, and contributing to and accessing the Efficiency Financing Products, Programs, and Closed Deals Database.

To learn more about getting involved in SAHLLN, including through our Advisory Group, contact us and join our mailing list.