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Recording: Reaching New Investors Through Sustainability Bonds

SAHLLN Lender Exchange Series | March 2020
The environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing space is growing rapidly, with more investors looking to achieve financial, social, and environmental returns on their investments. As impact-driven financial institutions, CDFIs can take advantage of this opportunity to reach new investors by issuing specialized impact bonds. This marks, according to JP Morgan, “a new phase of public capital market acceptance and demand for CDFI bonds.”
This lender exchange call provided an overview of the green, social, and sustainability bonds landscape, including: definitions, market sizing, bond framework components, and options for external review to verify a bond’s alignment with the Climate Bonds Standard, Sustainable Development Goals, or other standard.

Leaders from Community Preservation Corporation (CPC), Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF), and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) shared their experiences with issuing social and sustainability bonds, including their motivations for and lessons learned from doing so. 

Speakers are:

Atalia Howe, Manager of Sustainability Programs, CPC
Christina Travers, Vice President of Finance & Capital Strategies, LIIF
Anna Smukowski, Senior Manager of Investor Relations & Lending Operations, LISC
Melanie Crocco, Vice President of Business Analytics, CPC 
Bettina Bergoo, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Liz Rogers, CEI – Moderators
This lender exchange call was co-hosted by the Sustainability in Affordable Housing Lender Learning Network (SAHLLN) and the CDFI Climate Crisis Working Group.






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