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The SAHLLN Resource Hub is a central repository for information on financing energy and water efficiency and renewable energy in multifamily affordable housing properties. These resources are recommended by members of our network of affordable multifamily housing lenders, including Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), housing finance agencies (HFAs), major financial institutions, and specialized green financing entities. Please help us grow this resource hub by submitting a resource!

Elevate Energy | January 2016

There are nearly half a million multifamily units in Chicago. More than 250,000 of these units are in census tracts marked as low and moderate income by the New Markets Tax Credit Program database. Furthermore, more than 60% of low-income individuals living in multifamily buildings in Chicago reside in buildings that are more than 75 years old....

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DOE Better Buildings Challenge | 2015

The Rockford Housing Authority (RHA) is located in Rockford, Illinois. RHA’s mission is to partner with the community and responsible residents to transform houses into homes while guiding families to self-sufficiency. The public housing authority owns and manages over 1,900 public housing units, of which more than 75% were built...

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DOE Better Buildings Challenge

Jersey City Housing Authority (JCHA) develops and manages Housing of Choice of the highest standards, which is safe, affordable, sustainable and accessible; and, through partnerships with outside organizations, foster resident responsibility and self-sufficiency. As part of its mission, JCHA established a sustainability plan in 2008 to...

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Institute for Market Transformation | September 2015

CheckMate Realty and Development, Inc. (CheckMate) and Community Investment Corporation (CIC) partnered to retrofit a 31-unit multifamily building that provides affordable, unsubsidized housing in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood. Completed for $30,200 with a $12,000 low-interest loan, CheckMate reduced weather-normalized source energy use...

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WegoWise | July 2015

The Massachusetts Green Retrofit Initiative (MAGRI) provides technical assistance for multifamily building owners to reduce their energy and water usage. MAGRI is funded by The Barr Foundation and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and operated jointly by Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and New Ecology, Inc (NEI). This...

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Institute for Market Transformation | 2015

Continental Plaza is a 1950s building that provides 164 affordable, one-bedroom apartments for seniors. To fulfill the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge, Hispanic Housing Development Corporation formed Affordable Community Energy, a unique mission-driven energy services company model. Through lighting, HVAC, solar photovoltaic...

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Environmental Defense Fund

The potential energy efficiency market is estimated at $1 trillion, but in order to scale up to this level, the energy efficiency finance industry will need to become more standardized. EDF established the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) to transform the energy efficiency market by streamlining transactions and increasing the reliability of...

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DOE Better Buildings Challenge | 2014

The Palatka Housing Authority is a small- to medium-sized public housing authority (PHA) that owns and manages 420 units across seven properties in north-central Florida. Similar to the experience of many smaller public housing authorities, Palatka Housing Authority lacks not only significant capital and operating funds, but also the ability to...

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Bright Power, Inc. and Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future | June 2014

With the support of the MacArthur Foundation and Bright Power, SAHF developed the Multifamily Retrofit Report on the results of two retrofit programs – the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Green Retrofit Program and the Energy Savers program run by Elevate Energy in the greater Chicago area.

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DOE Better Buildings Challenge | 2013

Built in 1974, Los Robles, a property in CA, was acquired by EAH Housing in 1995 under the Low Income Housing Preservation and Residential Homeownership Act (LIHPRHA). The property’s 140 units are spread across 19 two-story buildings in a campus-like setting. Initial energy use at Los Robles continued to increase over time due to the multifamily...

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