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CPCVerifi: A New Tool for Quickly & Easily Estimating Potential Energy Savings in Multifamily Properties (recording)

We know – or at least, we’ve been told – that high-efficiency housing properties not only consume less energy and water, but also that those buildings pay less in utility bills, have less maintenance costs, and provide residents with a healthier and more comf

Maximize Multifamily Property Value with Energy Improvement Projects

Slides presented during a webinar on adding energy efficiency measures and/or solar into a rehab/retrofit project for multifamily housing.

Multifamily Oil-to-Gas Conversion Case Study

This loan served as the pilot for what would become the Low-Income Multifamily Energy (LIME) loan, offered by Capital for Change (C4C) in conjunction with Connecticut Green Bank.

Benefits of Underwriting Efficiency

In this fact sheet, Nova Consulting answers the question, "Why go green?" from the perspective of a property owner and lender by presenting a sample project.

Our Powers Combined: Energy Efficiency and Solar in Affordable Multifamily Buildings

A growing number of housing providers, utility-sector program administrators, and investors are working to combine energy efficiency improvements with solar systems in affordable multifamily buildings.

How to use the portfolio-level approach to finance solar across multifamily properties (Slides)

These slides were presented during the May 3rd, 2018 SAHLLN webinar on how to use the portfolio-level approach to financing solar across multifamily affor