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Massachusetts Green Retrofit Initiative Savings Analysis Report

WegoWise | July 2015

The Massachusetts Green Retrofit Initiative (MAGRI) provides technical assistance for multifamily building owners to reduce their energy and water usage. MAGRI is funded by The Barr Foundation and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and operated jointly by Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and New Ecology, Inc (NEI). This document is the final analysis of pre- and post-retrofit utility usage, performed by WegoWise, comprising data as recent as May 2015. It outlines the latest average and cumulative savings information, an analysis of potential correlations, a few notable case studies, and a description of the WegoWise process for measurement and verification. The results of MAGRI are significant. Over half of the apartments affected by upgrades saw greater than 20% savings. Retrofits affecting gas heating systems saw an average of 23% yearly savings, while electric retrofits, comprised primarily of lighting upgrades, saw 29% average yearly savings. Savings have even been extracted from already-efficient buildings, beyond the level predicted by another similar analysis of multifamily retrofits. Additionally, savings correlate moderately with project cost: the more capital-intensive a project, the more it tends to reduce usage and CO2. In all, 3700 tons of CO2 have been saved to date thanks to the MAGRI efforts.

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