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Energy Efficiency Financing for Low- and Moderate-Income Households: Current State of the Market, Issues, and Opportunities

This report provides an overview of energy efficiency financing programs nationwide—in both the single family (SF) and multifamily (MF) sectors—that are reaching LMI households.

Market Segmentation Strategies to Increase Demand in the Multifamily Market in Michigan

The purpose of this report was to research and develop market segmentation strategies to increase demand for financing energy efficiency projects in the multifamily market in Michigan.

Segmenting Chicago Multifamily Housing to Improve Energy Efficiency Programs

Improving the efficiency of multifamily housing requires policymakers to understand the characteristics of the market.

Energy Factors in Commercial Mortgages: Gaps and Opportunities

The commercial real estate mortgage market is enormous, with almost half a trillion dollars in deals originated in 2015.

Moving the Market: Energy Cost Disclosure in Residential Real Estate Listings

Homeowners who invest in energy efficiency hope to recoup at least some of the expense through savings on their utility bills and a higher home sales price when they move.

Lending for Energy Efficiency Upgrades in Low-to Moderate-Income Communities: Bank of America’s Energy Efficiency Finance Program

This paper analyzes Bank of America’s $55 million initiative to provide low-cost funding and grant support to advance energy efficiency investment in low- to moderate-income communities.

Investor Consents for Energy and Water Efficiency Improvements

The benefits of energy and water conservation in the affordable multifamily industry have been documented thoroughly over the past several years.

Catalyzing Efficiency: Unlocking Energy Information and Value in Apartment Buildings

This report examines why the market underuses performance data and recommends, based on examples that show early promise, how governments and efficiency program implementers can turn this growing wealth of information into

Unlocking the Value of Community Solar

The evolution of community solar is a classic case of business model innovation turning a challenge into an opportunity.

Quantifying the Financial Benefits of Multifamily Retrofits

Increasing the adoption of energy-efficient building practices will require the energy sector to increase its understanding of the ways that retrofits affect multifamily financial performance and how the lending and appraisal industries interpret those indicators. The U.S.