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Our Powers Combined: Energy Efficiency and Solar in Affordable Multifamily Buildings

A growing number of housing providers, utility-sector program administrators, and investors are working to combine energy efficiency improvements with solar systems in affordable multifamily buildings.

Commercial PACE for Affordable Multifamily Housing

C-PACE is a financing structure that enables owners of commercial, industrial and multifamily residential properties to obtain affordable, long-term funds for 100% of the cost of energy and water efficiency retrofits (as well as for distributed generation investments).

Impact of Energy Factors on Default Risk in Commercial Mortgages

This is a first study of the effects of building-level energy consumption and the time series risk of the energy pricing on the default risk of commercial mortgages.

Unlocking Solar for Low- and Moderate-Income Residents: A Matrix of Financing Options by Resident, Provider, and Housing Type

Historically, the low-and moderate-income (LMI) market has been underserved by solar photovoltaics (PV), in part because of the unique barriers to participation in the PV market that LMI residents face.

Green Funding and Resources for New York City Affordable Multifamily Housing

Implementing green building measures in affordable housing is an important way to reduce costs and improve building performance, helping to preserve New York’s much-needed affordable housing supply.

Financing Energy Efficiency through Mortgage Loans

This market analysis examines the current landscape for building owners and lenders seeking to integrate energy efficiency and utility savings into building assessments and retrofit plans, and to utilize the data to enhance