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Maximize Multifamily Property Value with Energy Improvement Projects

Slides presented during a webinar on adding energy efficiency measures and/or solar into a rehab/retrofit project for multifamily housing.

Onset Shared Solar Project

Boston Community Capital (BCC) is a nonprofit community development financial institution. Since 2008, BCC has helped low-income communities access the cost savings and price stability of solar power.

Community Solar for St. Paul Public Housing Agency

The Public Housing Agency (PHA) in St. Paul, Minnesota provides affordable housing for low-income individuals and families throughout the city. Established in 1977, the PHA owns and manages 4,274 rental units in St.

Powdermill Village: Deep Retrofit Yields Dramatic Returns

The Massachusetts Green Retroft Initiative (MAGRI) is a project of New Ecology, Inc. (NEI) and LISC Boston.

Brighton Allston Apartments: Energy Upgrades + Refinancing = Major Savings

The Massachusetts Green Retroft Initiative (MAGRI) is a project of New Ecology, Inc. (NEI) and LISC Boston. Through MAGRI, NEI and LISC Boston serve as a one-stop-shop to provide holistic energy management services to property owners.

Multifamily Oil-to-Gas Conversion Case Study

This loan served as the pilot for what would become the Low-Income Multifamily Energy (LIME) loan, offered by Capital for Change (C4C) in conjunction with Connecticut Green Bank.

NHT Sustainability Case Studies

Explore NHT's portfolio of sustainability and energy efficiency projects on their website here. 

Case studies include: 

Impact of Energy Use and Price Variations on Default Risk in Commercial Mortgages: Case Studies

This report documents the impact of energy use and price variations on commercial mortgage default risk in five buildings: an office building in the Denver area, two office buildings in northern California, a hotel in the D

PACE Financing for Efficiency in NY

Case study of Natlew Corporation's 23-Unit Apartment Building in Mount Vernon, NY. With PACE, Natlew was able to replace its old oil-burning boiler with a high-efficiency gas-fired unit and install indirect-fired hot water heaters, pipe insulation, high efficiency lighting, low-flow faucet aerato