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Maximize Multifamily Property Value with Energy Improvement Projects

Slides presented during a webinar on adding energy efficiency measures and/or solar into a rehab/retrofit project for multifamily housing.

Our Powers Combined: Energy Efficiency and Solar in Affordable Multifamily Buildings

A growing number of housing providers, utility-sector program administrators, and investors are working to combine energy efficiency improvements with solar systems in affordable multifamily buildings.

Commercial PACE for Affordable Multifamily Housing

C-PACE is a financing structure that enables owners of commercial, industrial and multifamily residential properties to obtain affordable, long-term funds for 100% of the cost of energy and water efficiency retrofits (as well as for distributed generation investments).

Energy Efficiency Financing for Low- and Moderate-Income Households: Current State of the Market, Issues, and Opportunities

This report provides an overview of energy efficiency financing programs nationwide—in both the single family (SF) and multifamily (MF) sectors—that are reaching LMI households.

PACE Financing for Efficiency in NY

Case study of Natlew Corporation's 23-Unit Apartment Building in Mount Vernon, NY. With PACE, Natlew was able to replace its old oil-burning boiler with a high-efficiency gas-fired unit and install indirect-fired hot water heaters, pipe insulation, high efficiency lighting, low-flow faucet aerato

Commercial PACE Financing for Microgrid in Mixed-Use Building

In 2016, Becker and Becker used commercial property-assessed clean energy (CPACE) financing provided by Greenworks Lending to implement energy efficiency, renewable energy,

PACE for affordable housing: Lowering costs and pollution

Affordable housing properties have the opportunity to save money, increase bottom-line profitability, and improve quality of life for low-income communities by taking advantage of an underutilized finance tool: Property Ass

Emerging Best Practice for Underwriting Commercially-Attractive Energy Efficiency Loans

In the United States, there are nearly 4.8 million buildings that represent the commercial real estate (CRE) market. Building owners are beginning to see that energy efficient retrofits can increase property values.