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Solar PPA

General Information and Structure

Inclusive Prosperity Capital
Lending Type: 
Non-profit lender
The Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows building owners to experience the benefits of solar energy without the responsibility of owning or maintaining a solar PV system. Through the Solar PPA program, building owners can buy the energy they need with no monthly fee and benefit from significant savings on electricity costs. Under a Solar PPA, the electricity rate is immediately less than existing utility bills, so owners begin saving money on day one.  Inclusive Prosperity Capital is the spin-out of the Connecticut Green Bank, bringing its successful programs to new markets. The solar system is installed, insured and maintained as part of the PPA contract for 20 years. Inclusive Prosperity Capital provides full warranty management on all equipment. Multifamily property owners have the option to purchase their installation after 5 years. When the agreement term ends, the owner can extend the PPA, purchase the system, or have it removed at no cost.
Active or Closed Program?: 
Years Offered: 
2018 - Present
Eligibility Criteria: 
5+ units, income eligible and market rate
Type of Financing: 
Energy Services
Type of Improvements Covered: 
Solar PV

Financing Details

When is the Product Applicable?: 
New Construction
Interest Rate: 
Fixed and escalating rates available
20 years
Secured - UCC1 filing

Additional Information

Point of Contact: 
John D’Agostino at [email protected] / 860.257.2333
Program Notes: 
Inclusive Prosperity Capital pre-screens installers, and owns, maintains and insures the system for the full 20 years.