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Green Retrofit Loan

General Information and Structure

National Housing Trust Community Development Fund
Lending Type: 

The proceeds of a green retrofit loan will be used to fund the installation of energy and water conservation measures. The loan will be sized to be repaid by a combination of existing cash flow and anticipated savings produced by the conservation measures. Commons Energy is NHTCDF's partner in D.C., MD, VA, and VT targeting buildings that serve a public purpose. It provides technical assistance for opportunity assessment, contractor selection, construction oversight, and access to financing through NHT Community Development Fund. In several cases, the borrower has borrowed funds from NHTCDF and Commons Energy has purchased a 75% participation in the loans.

Active or Closed Program?: 
Years Offered: 
Eligibility Criteria: 
Multi-family residential rental projects. At least 75% of the units must be occupied by residents that are at or below 80% of AMI, either at least 20% of the units are occupied with residents at 50% of AMI, or 40% of the units are occupied at 60% AMI.
Type of Financing: 
Loan Size Range: 
$50,000 to $500,000
Type of Improvements Covered: 
Loans fund hard and soft cost associated with energy retrofits to existing affordable multifamily housing

Financing Details

When is the Product Applicable?: 
Interest Rate: 
Determined by loan committee on a case by case basis
5 years with full or partial amortization

Additional Information

Point of Contact: 
Josh Earn, 202-333-8931 EXT 134, [email protected]
Program Notes: 
For affordable multifamily; also make Green Predevelopment Loans and Green Interim Development loans. Lender will seek to secure the loan and may accept subordinate deed of trust or other acceptable collateral on a case by case basis.