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BlueHub Energy

General Information and Structure

BlueHub Capital
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BlueHub Capital helps low-income communities gain access to the cost savings and price stability of solar power and participate in efforts to address climate change. We develop and own photovoltaic systems. These projects primarily serve affordable, multifamily housing developments. BlueHub provides all the upfront capital for the panels and installations, captures the value of significant solar tax credit incentives, and ensures that the systems are designed and operated to maximize the solar electricity generation--overcoming three barriers many low-income customers face in adopting this clean technology.

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Eligibility Criteria: 
Facilities that benefit low-income residents, including non-profit organizations, municipal facilities, and AMF housing developments.
Loan Size Range: 
Not specified
Type of Improvements Covered: 
Solar PV

Financing Details

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Impact : 
Almost 7 megawatts (MWs) of solar capacity across 30 Massachusetts projects as of Jan 2018 With over 27,160 panels installed, our systems will Generate 8.36 million kilowatt hours of solar electricity annually, provide over $12 million in savings to customers over the life of the panels, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3,652 tons every year This is comparable to cutting car travel by 8 million miles a year and equivalent to the energy needed to power 1,000 homes annually.

Additional Information

Point of Contact: 
Dick Jones, [email protected]